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J again did not mention this, but I wondered why they like to make love more often than usual. 2 weeks. J again chose to bring the best of nylon on the morning of Thursday. J For the work went about their business as usual, but she felt nervous and 'on' with the idea of ​​getting to H, who reached the women's bathroom in his office and later confessed to me ' same fingering 'in preparation for it. At noon, had not arrived yet. Suddenly the phone rang, it was H do not apologize for that position today. She felt empty immediately. However, he only had for lunch in a quiet resting place immediately stopped in the road and asked if I was alone and had time to talk. J pinkworld said yes, she was alone, and yes, they had time to talk. H began to say how wonderful it was his last visit and how excited my wife's legs, around her. J blushed and thanked him by telephone. He continued that he had not stopped thinking about her legs, as he first sawthem. He confessed that his first visit was intentional, after he had seen walking firmly noon. He followed and saw where he worked, made a note that the first opportunity pinkworld call. J was flattered and after the disappointment he only began to visit her, his warm voice. Relaxing in his chair, without even realizing J ran his hands along her legs between her legs and pinkworld tops above average. Sit back and spread the word and listened HJ sexy things he was saying. She could not help and put two fingers in her panties and started playing with her ​​wet pussy. H goes on to say how beautiful J are the pinkworld legs, and he could not help it, but after his last visit had a quiet drive and masturbate thinking about what had happened. J became the case today and masturbating, she completely lost and complained loudly. There was silence at the other end of the phone. He then asked what ar J Hand are you doing? All J could say, was probably the same as you. H could not believe his luck and if you had not masturbated since then now. So there was my 50 - year-old beautiful woman with long legs, skirt at the waist, fingers in pussy, close to cumming, while H sat pinkworld in his car, he had to say all kinds of 'dirty ' things. One is that he wants her to masturbate him with her ​​stockings and cum on the bare flesh above her stockings. This was too much for the J and culminated with the... loud and clear. H followed closely and unload his sperm into her handkerchief. he has never met again. Call your once in a while, but just to say hello. Apparently married shortly after the call and the only dirty thought 'right' is not given to more.. Please email me if you have turned on the true story. Since J has confessed to these encounters sexy, and would like to know if you want me to write here or directly to you. C M (if let me pinkworld know)
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